About Us

We were frustrated car shoppers just like you.



MotorCloud develops next generation cloud-based car-buying technologies to empower consumers with the most advanced vehicle search and comparison engine on the planet.


Everyone has a dream car, so does every car have a dream owner? MotorCloud thinks so… MotorCloud matches vehicles and owners that, before now, only dreamed of each other. We know that finding the right vehicle is a challenging endeavor, so we believe the process should be lightning fast and frictionless. Heck, it should even be fun! We aim to make it that way by letting you instantly compare prices without even having to visit the dealership, and we’ll show your vehicle to serious buyers… FOR FREE. We’ve even figured out how to make dealerships compete to buy your used car! Who’s in charge now? Finally, you are.


MotorCloud, the worlds largest online inventory of vehicles, was built by an ex-apple engineer and a car enthusiast who were incredibly frustrated by their car buying experience and the lack of a single collection of all available vehicles for sale in one search engine. The site and app launched on March 22, 2018 effectively changing the way you are able to find and or sell a vehicle.